Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Target 4: Eric Lim Wei Loong

Life After 17
Target 4: Eric Lim Wei Loong
Once upon a time,
i thought this blog was created as Eric's Lim Fanpage. :)

Know what,
you're legend *wait for it* dary, LEGENDARY! (barney - himym)
you're the legend of our class.
we're always proud of u.
you're shinning like a star.
her eyes her eyes, make the stars look like they not shinning (bruno mars)
kekeke. maybe a little bit too much. LOL!

I know him quite well, though we didn't contact for years.
guess u guys can see from his facebook,
he changed a lot,

keke. no longer the nerd guy.
now damn macho. handsome. bergaya.

btw, do u guys know,
he is really talented?
can go to his youtube channel...
or from his facebook. not bad not bad.

he owned a studio now.
i hereby award u,
the most successful man of 5 MAKMUR 2005!

I know i know. welcome welcome.
dun explain too much. hahahahaha

and oh, i realize, he looks like japanese now.
do u guys remember DEATH NOTE?
The very handsome but weird guy,
mr L?

this guy... few years back
i love die him! lol
then after browsing through Lim Shuk's photos,
i realized that,
actually ada lah... sikit sikit dia macam si L.
but i dunno is face or gaya la.
u guys kasih la comment.
nah nah nah. i show u guys these photos
and ....

Macam kan macam kan...
ada bah itu feeling.... haha. itu gaya maybe. lol.
again. ermph. proud of u. again.

and and and and and....
this guy
i guess the whole world punya guys pun jealous sama dia.
wong chik yoong. u jealous sama dia?
lee chin vui. u jealous sama dia?
gf dia damn chun i tell u!

Macam celebrity jugak ohhh
punya main perfect match.
ermph, envy max
Bahagia giler.
banyak semut tu di meja sana.
ada nampak ka? terlampau manis bah nie.

hehe. lim shuk, u damn bahagia liao, dun do this pose.
dun kill urself bah!!!!
else thousands of girls out there will nangis for u.
and know wad, must love urself more.
cz sometimes, u give me a feeling of.....
Alviss Kong :(
maybe the gaya or wad.
please dun do like him k!
but of cz, we hope u long long nine nine with this lovely and damn chun girl. XD

See, u act innocent lagi. hahahahaha. Jasper act cute u act innocent. LOL!
Banyak GAYAs bah u. hahahaha.

dalam process memotong?


scary la.
tulah. last time u said. 180km/hr still stable and firm

safety first k.
dun drive fast fast

Target 3: Jasper Elvin James

Life After 17
Target 3: Jasper Elvin James

sorry k, tiada berapa contact with u after spm,
so i dun really know how are u doing... :(
i just compiled the photos and information that i can collect from ur facebook
unfortunately, ur facebook so kosong HMMPH!
update lah saya macam mana kau sekarang.
i dun even now where u study, graduate already or not, where u working now, or what degree u have now :( :*(
marah dah nie. hehehe.
Pergi gua...
Limestone kah belakang tu. lol

Ur life after 17, macam enjoy jak nie.... haha. naik gunung lagi. masuk gua lagi. ermph.

HaHa. saya pun percaya. jasper. JUMP and FLY!

Jasper dah ada gf kah??

This one? profile nampak senyap jak.....
tak dapat trace apa apa oh..
hahaha. better announce bagi kita a.
semua orang tunggu news kau tu.

Pandai ACT cute dah sekarang.
but dulu,
pernah dapat anugerah pelajar paling garang 5Makmur kan?
tapi sekarang nie, nampak cute jak. haha.
or act cute?

Tengok tengok,
bahagia giler, ada dua amoi cantik beside him,
then his senyuman pun....
*ehem ehem
tahu tahu lah kan
Ada lagi reunion. ish ish ish.
kami tiada.... :(

but nampak smart lah jasper sekarang.
tengok kaki itu.

Jasper zaman dulu dulu

p/s: mallowney, kenapa mereka so excited pasal kau punya..... ehem... adik kau?

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Target 2: Camillus Jainal

Life After 17

Target 2: Camillus Jainal a.k.a Jun Sang

handsome giler....

okok... before start....
saya mau first cakap ini sama camillus.
proud proud....
mechanical engineer dah nieeee.....

Camillus = twin mallowney or buddy azlan othman.
but baru baru ini,
camillus ada gaya baru.
macam gaya jay chou pulak.

then dia main badminton hebat macam dato lcw....


ingat lagi muka dia dulu?

ala.. bukan ini bah..
flash back terlampau lama. haha
suka act cool dari dulu lagi

LiFe after 17, Target 1: Frank

Life after 17.

Target 1:
Mr. Frankie Tan Kim How

no need to mention la...
berapa bahagia he is now...

tsk tsk tsk. semut banyak tu...
haha. envy max.
but someone crying silently in the room.

paling left itu...
yeap. mimi hehe.
this is wad she wanna tell u.

haha. ok la. dun wanna tease u already.

As what i observed from facebook,
frankie's life after 17 = excellent.
with a super match (same face) girlfriend,
playing with his camera and captured nice photos everyday...
kehidupan yang tiada mana mana yang tak bagus. envy max.

do u guys remember frankie's 17 face?
the noob noob face.
let me show u.
taklah tukar banyak sangat.
now more handsome more man la. hahahaha.

take care kawan!


hey guys,
let's write something on this blog.
how are u guys?

let's talk about some sweet memories that we had in 1makmur to 5makmur.
u guys remember cikgu muhammad?
the sejarah teacher. (form 1 or form 2)
jahat owh him, last time, he asked us to write the short notes,
then oh, who didnt do homework,
kena angkat itu notebook, simpan atas kepala, round satu block. hahahaha.
memalukan saja.

then oh, u guys remember cikgu aminurdin?
Cikgu Bahasa Melayu,
the drv a black iswara.
then last time we always say...
gigi memandu.
cz he is dark, cannot see his face. jahat betul

and and and.... cikgu kipli.
the art teacher...
haha. cute owh his car.
banyak turtle. hehehe.

thats all for today.
to be continue....

Thursday, September 17, 2009

2009, Reunion Buffet Dinner

Dear Makmurianz,

I am planning to have a class reunion BUFFET dinner in this coming December 2009. Please reply this post. Thanks.

Date: 12 December 2009.
Time: 6.30 P.M
Venue:Hyatt or Promenade Hotel, Kota Kinabalu.
Price: Below RM 100...

Fashion Theme: Formal please... we are ladies and gentlemen..If can, No jeans and t-shirt...Just formal..=)

Saturday, March 28, 2009

A New Info

Something for you guys to know...
This year's 5M, had broke a record...
One of our favourite teacher really dissapointed and frustrated with their attitude...
That teacher even said he/she hate the class...
He/she cancelled a few class as he/she aren't prepared yet to face this year's 5M...
Imagine, no matter how notoriously naughty we are, no teacher hate us right?